Our experience in the service of innovation

In the constant search for innovation in products and materials, OneAir enriches its product range by adding its own patents. In this way we are able to offer our customers new and additional solutions that are even more adaptable to the need for aesthetics and functionality.

A new arrival on the market that improves on the advantages of the other existing lines such as aesthetics, washability and lightness guaranteeing an aesthetically pleasing and technically effective result.

This LED interior lighting system fully integrates lighting and air conditioning, eliminating the need for ceiling lights in a room..

Its innovation lies in its ability to vary the air temperature, guaranteeing uniformity in the area occupied by people in air-conditioned environments during heating, air conditioning or ventilation.

This industrial ozone generator, thanks to the high induction rate generated, carries out a sanitising action both in the environments occupied by people and inside the micro-perforated channels, whether textile, metal or plastic.