The product line DHI METAL represents the answer for aesthetic requirements for specific finishing and application/installation for which it’s required a material able to ensure efficient performance, with durability over the time. A wide variety of materials and finishing assure its adaptability to all types of application.


The DHI TEXTILE line represents the answer to the application requirements asking for light materials but with resistance because of frequent maintenance for washing and sanitizing operations. The possibility to choose in a wide variety of materials and colours allows their adaptability for each type of installation.


The product line DHI PLASTIC represent the answer to the exigences of application searching for the rigidity of the support together with the lightness of the material and its versatility. The easy maintenance together with the possibility of integration of the air diffuser system with a lightening system, increase the application opportunities for this innovative and exclusive product.


The experience in the textile processes gained in twenty years of activity and expertise of our technical department has allowed ONEAIR to develop product lines specific to textile items and accessories and TNT.