Who we are


OneAir: the future is in the air

OneAir, a growing reality with twenty years of experience, designs and produces textile, metal and plastic diffusers for air distribution in the industrial and civil sector. The meeting of different experiences coming from the sectors of the design, construction and marketing of plants and components in the industrial and civil field led quickly to the development of a corporate spirit based on research, development and design of systems to support the air diffusion in innovative environments improving the systems already on the market. As proof of this aim, we propose several products designed on our own exclusive patent, completely innovative both for their conception and for their realization.

Our aim


We are constantly committed to proposing and promoting an innovative vision of technical solutions dedicated to the air diffusion in the environment. The experience that sustains us is a source of inspiration which leads us to create products that are increasingly able to meet the needs of a demanding and evolved clientele. Starting from the choice of primary materials and the use of cutting-edge technologies, arriving at the desire to equip our production sites with the latest generation machines, we are in fact able to offer a quality product characterized by a short chain process to the full advantage of the final cost.

Our priority


Constant dialogue with our customers and our network of direct and indirect collaborators remains one of our fundamental principles. OneAir salespeople and the team of designers are always available to help customers and to deal with them to identify the best specific technical solutions for each individual need. To further facilitate our customers and our collaborators in their choice we have developed a software that allows us to have an analysis of the launch charts for a more accurate study and we have also developed a sizing program for the DHI diffusers DHI, useful for preliminary design phase. All this, together with our desire for growth and our dedication, has led us not only to expand and consolidate our presence on the national market through a network of agents but to open up to the European market where we have developed an important network of distributors.