OneAir design

Search for new materials and new products

We are at the forefront in the search for new materials that better meet customer needs in the various areas in which we operate. In particular, we are active in the search for new products, both in the air diffusion field and in accessory components field. At the moment we manufacture textile ducts with two different materials, used as needed: 100% polyester fabric with polyurethane coating and class 1 certification or fiberglass fabric with polyurethane / silicone coating and class 0 certification. Metal ducts can instead be made of galvanized steel, pre-painted or painted steel, stainless steel or aluminum.

Custom solution designs

The OneAir team of designers is available to help customers to identify specific technical solutions for each individual need. This approach allows to create projects and executive designs of custom products that highlight ergonomics and innovation.

OneAir production

OneAir: evolving technology

The different materials through which OneAir develops and manufactures its products has led the company to equip itself with the most modern design and production tools. All this is accompanied by many years of experience in the choice of materials, in defining the procedures that guide the creation and production of its products and by full awareness of the problems associated with a production on order and highly customized such as that which characterizes OneAir's production. The production sector is characterized by technical supervision, equipped with specific software at the service of production and the whole process of cutting and perforating the different materials is carried out through the use of electronic machines laser cutting and perforation.

ONELASER DHI TEXTILE drilling technology

Unlike the result obtained with the commonly used mechanical drilling technology, OneAir is able to manufacture its components with high precision and reliability thanks to ONELASER technology. In particular, all cutting operations are carried out at high temperature in order to produce the holes of different sizes, necessary for inductive technology, perfectly regular and qualitatively long lasting.

➤ Features and benefits

  1. Perfectly executed cuts and punctures, cauterized "at high temperature"

  2. Reduced dispersion of artificial and mineral fibers in air-conditioned environments

  3. Longer life of the finished product