TDS, Thermal Destratification System

In large rooms and especially great heights such as gyms, production industries or storage warehouses with often outdated heating systems, there is a need to uniform the temperature between the occupied area and the upper part of the environment to limit dispersions and obtain energy savings. The TDS system provides for the installation of an axial fan with an air flow rate from 1800 to 1200 mc/h which is combined with a high induction destratifier duct and positioned in the upper part of the room. Several systems can be installed in combination to move and therefore standardize the entire room volume.

Applicable on high induction diffuser ducts:

  • DHI Metal
  • DHI Textile

Features and Benefits

➤ Economic and energy saving

This system reduces operating costs due to low energy consumption (from 0.3 to 3KW) for each TDS system and a 40% lower system cost compared to traditional destratification systems. By standardizing the temperatures between the occupied area and the high area of the environment, we achieve a quantifiable energy savings of the environment from 15 to 30%.

➤ Clean air

Thanks to this system there are zero carbon monoxide emissions into the environment.

➤ Temperature uniformity

By installing more than one fan, temperature uniformity of the entire room volume is achieved.

➤ Limited air speed limitata

With this system, low air speeds are recorded in the occupied area (0.2m / s maximum).