Analysis and simulations


OneAir has always been engaged in the search for solutions that in the air diffusion respond best to different needs in terms of comfort and obtaining the correct environmental parameters. For this purpose, we have developed a dedicated software internally capable of simulating the behavior of the air distribution line in order to analyze and verify any critical situations that may arise.

Launch charts ONECFDD

Our ONECFE (Computational Flow Dynamics) software is able to meet the requirements of UNI 10339 - EN 13182 and guarantee high comfort for people in the rooms. The sizing of the geometry and the size of the holes is carried out on the basis of physical laws such as the conservation of momentum, mass and energy, and the equations that link the pressure and flow quantities together. The analysis of the launch graphs allows to verify the direction of the air flows inside the environment and consequently allows to evaluate the best solution for air distribution. It is also possible to examine the residual speeds in the areas immediately adjacent to the diffuser and in the vicinity of the occupied areas in order to correct any critical issues.


The following images represent two graphs made with ONECFD where the first shows an operation of the system in the summer case and the second in the winter case.

Cooling diagram

diagramma 1.1_x pulsante (raffrescamento)

Heating diagram