O-Mask, the multi-purpose filter mask


From the emergency health situation due to the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19, OneAir generated the idea of ​​partially converting the activity of our internal textile laboratory to produce as many masks as possible to distribute to customers, collaborators and anyone who needs them . Thus O-Mask was born.

Our masks are first of all easily washable to make them effective again and reusable up to 40 days. They are made of cotton and elastane, do not have underwire folds because their upper seam is specifically designed to adhere to the shape of the nose, they are therefore recyclable and reusable at the end of their life, in two words: they do not pollute. They are also comfortable to use in any situation, they are customizable and easily available, they are aesthetically pleasing.

Discover all the information on the dedicated O-Mask website.