OneAir sanitation systems

OneAir trades and produces innovative technologies for commercial and industrial environments, from the need to make these spaces safer according to the latest needs in the health field, the new line of products was developed, OneAir O3 ozone generators which provide maximum sanitation and purification of the environment for a variety of applications.

OneAir Sani-D

Across the board, the OneAir Sani-D industrial ozone generator adds to our range of patents. This new product, combined with our micro-perforated diffusers, provides maximum sanitation and purification in environments with large volumes.

This product can be used with air handling units, direct expansion fans and have been specially designed to be combined with micro-perforated DHI Textile and DHI Metal diffusers. In fact, thanks to the high induction rate generated, there will be a sanitizing action both in the occupied environment and inside the ducts. Ideal for environments from 300 to over 6800 m3, they represent an ideal choice for commercial and industrial activities with high efficiency and low costs to ensure a reduction in biological risk.

O3 100/150

These economic systems produce ozone using special ultraviolet ray lamps in order to sanitize environments and ensure a reduction in biological risk, thus reducing the use of chemicals and their impact on our planet. Thanks to their compact shape, polycarbonate structure and reduced electrical absorption, these generators are ideal for commercial environments, offices and professional studios from 100 to 150 m3. Easily transportable, they also work with high temperatures and humidity, and also eliminate bad smells.

O3 Portable

This portable generator with timer, compact in shape and stainless steel structure is ideal for initial shock treatments, ideal for sanitation companies. Thanks to its great potential it allows the treatment of small-medium volumes in a very short time or of larger environments by varying the operating time.