Air diffusers DHI TEXTILE


DHI TEXTILE diffusing ducts with high induction, by their inductive diffusion allow the efficient diffusion of the air in large or small spaces, for all the typologies of use such as: ventilation, heating, cooling and air conditioning.

The inductive diffusion, realized by a calibrated perforation obtained by the ONELASER technology, makes it possible to activate the displacement of big air quantities in a specific space, avoiding the phenomena of stratification of the air.

The different configurations of the shapes of our diffusing ducts (circular, semi-circular and quarter-circle), the different fabrics used (with homologation for the fire reaction classification Euroclass B, S1-d0 and Euroclass A1) and the various fastening systems, together with the technical solutions integrating the diffusion ducts, make the ONEAIR products extremely flexible and efficient, able of satisfying any installation requirement.

Available Colours


Characteristics and advantages of our textiles air diffusers

➤ Lightness 
The weight of our fabrics is varied from 100 to 480 g / m2, depending on the type and rating of reaction to fire. This means that on the structure of the building there are light loads, and that makes the duct fit any application.

➤ Reduction of the installation activity
The exclusivity and the simplicity of the hanging systems of our diffusing ducts, together with the lightness of the fabric, make it possible to reduce the time of installation and thus the cost of the installation.

➤ Easy maintenance
The diffusing ducts are simple to wash, clean and sanitize, when necessary, with the possibility to realize a planned maintenance with defined costs.