The DHI METAL product line represents the answer to the aesthetic requirements for specific finishes and installations for which is required a materiel able to guarantee efficient performance, with a duration in time. A wide variety of materials and finishes ensures its adaptability to all types of application.

Depending on the need, DHI METAL diffusers can be produced in different materials: galvanized steel, pre-painted steel, painted steel, stainless steel and aluminum.



Galvanized steel


Inox AISI 430/304/316

Prepainted steel

Painted steel

all colors of the RAL scale

Features and benefits


➤ Air quality

We have gained significant experience on the different air distribution systems and thanks to the wise use of the various materials combined with the continuous study of air flow patterns, we can ensure the highest level of comfort in the occupied area.

➤ Silent diffusion

Even in conditions of heavy operation, the metal ducts generate a decidedly low sound level, around 20 dB, making this product the primary choice by designers and clients.

➤ No condensation problem

The micrometric control of the speed of the outgoing air flow ("high induction" effect), around the entire surface of the ducts, avoids stagnation of humidity and the consequent formation of condensation.