OneAir systems



Variable diffusion

OneAir Vari-D is a new generation system that guarantees uniformity in the air and temperatures in the area occupied by people in air-conditioned environments both in the heating, air conditioning or ventilation only phase in full compliance with UNI 10339 regulation (aeraulic systems for welfare purposes). This patented system has an appropriately sized hole thanks to the use of an advanced CFD software (Computational Fluid Dynamic) which, associated with a series of electronic and mechanical adjustments, manages to guarantee optimal well-being with the same residual speeds in summer and winter (see graphs 1 and 2). 

The system can also be managed by the installer or by the end user customer as it can be connected to supervisory systems or to a dedicated electronic microprocessor. OneAir Vari-D has been designed to improve the energy efficiency of ventilation systems and can be applied on metal, textile or plastic diffusers; with this new patented technology it is also possible to control the air flow and the pressure of the ventilation unit from 30% to 100% of the nominal flow, guaranteeing savings of up to 80% on the electrical absorption of the fans and significantly reducing management costs.




BAS - Beat Absorber System


Damping system

The BAS system is a special fabric accessory, designed for application to textile diffusers and made using different fabrics that allows to reduce the "water hammer" effect at the end of the diffuser, typical in systems characterized by units ventilation systems without an inverter or a soft-start system. This accessory is available in different diameters from 300mm to 1000mm, also applicable to existing textile diffusers.

➤ Features and benefits

  1. Up to 80% reduction in initial startup impact speed

  2. Reduction of deterioration of fabrics and seams thanks to less "stress"

  3. Reduction of the noise characterized by the vibrations of the ducts during the start-up of the systems


CDS - Cooler Defrosting System


Defrosting system

The CDS system is a ducts in a special, water-repellent, truncated cone-shaped fabric that provides an effective insulating barrier during the defrosting phase of an evaporator, substantially reducing its downtime. It also prevents water vapor from entering the refrigerated room during evaporator heating, further helping to stabilize temperature and humidity. This duct is available in different diameters from 300mm to 1000mm and in different colors.

➤ Characteristics and advantages

  1. 40% reduction in defrost cycle times with significant energy savings

  2. Reduction of element deterioration due to more stable and uniform temperature and humidity levels

  3. Improvement of the quality of refrigerated goods thanks to the elimination of frost and ice accumulation on the product

  4. Greater safety resulting from the reduction of ice formation on ceilings, walls and floors




CCS - Conical Capture System


Capture system

The CCS system is a special accessory, positioned internally in precise points in the textile and metal diffusers which allows to improve and correct the "tangential" component of the air leaving the punctures. It is available in different diameters from 300mm to 1000mm also for existing diffusers.

➤ Features and benefits

  1. 50% reduction in the tangential component of the air flow

  2. Improvement of the static pressure with 90 ° air exit from the punctures

  3. Uniform residual speeds at man height over the entire length of the diffuser


TDS - Thermal Destratification System


High induction DHI destratifier system

In large environments but above all in great heights such as gyms, manufacturing industries or storage warehouses with often dated heating systems there is the need to uniform the temperature between the occupied areas and the upper part of the environment to limit dispersions thermal and obtain energy savings. The TDS system provides for the installation of an axial fan with an air flow rate of 1800 to 1200 mc / h which is combined with a DHI destratifier ducts in fabric or metal and positioned in the upper part of the room. Several systems can be installed in combination to move and therefore uniform the whole room volume.

➤ Features and benefits

  1. Reduction of operating costs due to low energy consumption (from 0.3 to 3KW) for each TDS system

  2. Energy saving of the environment quantifiable from 15 to 30%

  3. Zero carbon monoxide emissions

  4. Temperature uniformity in the whole environment

  5. Low air velocities in the occupied zone (maximum 0.2m / s)

  6. Plant cost 40% lower than traditional destratification systems