DHI - DHS TEXTILE air ducts and diffusers


The high induction DHI TEXTILE DIFFUSERS thanks to their induction diffusion and DHS TEXTILE DIFFUSERS with their soft diffusion, represent an innovative system for the distribution of the air in small or large rooms for all types of use such as ventilation, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration.

The inductive diffusion, produced by calibrated drilling realized with technology ONELASER, it allows to trigger the movement of large quantities of rooms air, prevents layering.

The soft diffusion, produced by calibrated micro-drilling realized with technology ONELASER, allows to move large quantities of air at very low ambient speed.

Both systems offer a high environmental comfort to people present in the civil and industrial rooms.

The different configurations of the shape of our DHI –DHS AIR DUCTS AND DIFFUSERS (circular, semicircular and quarter circle) and different textile fabrics (flame retardant Class 1/Euroclass B,s1,d0 and fire resistance, Class 0/M0/Euroclass A1) make products ONEAIR extremely flexible and effective and can meet any system requirement.




➤ Lightness 
The weight of our fabrics varies from 100-480 g / m² depending on the type and class of fire resistance. This means that on the building structure the weigh loads are extremely light, making them suitable for any application.

➤ Reduced installation time
The unique and simple hanging system of our diffusers combined with the lightness of the fabric reduce installation time and therefore labor costs.

➤ Simplified maintenance
The textile diffusers are easy to wash, clean and disinfect when necessary, with possibility to realize a scheduled maintenance at definite costs.