Air ducts DHI METAL


The diffusing ducts DHI METAL with the high induction, by their inductive diffusion allow an effective diffusion of the air in large or small spaces, for all the typologies of use such as: ventilation, heating, cooling and air conditioning.

This typology of diffusion, realized by a calibrated perforation obtained by the ONELASER technology, makes it possible to activate the displacement of large quantities of air in the space, avoiding the phenomena of air stratification and ensure a high level of comfort to the people present in industrial and civil buildings.

The different configurations of the shapes of our diffusing ducts (circular, semi-circular, oblong and quarter circle), the different materials used (galvanized steel, pre-painted steel, painted steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper) make ONEAIR products extremely flexible. and efficient and make them capable of meeting any installation requirement.






Prepainted steel

Inox AISI 430/304/316

Painted steel*

*All the colors in RAL scale

Characteristics and advantages of our metal air diffusers

➤ Air quality
We have achieved significant expertise for different air diffusion systems and by the judicious use of different materials, joined with the continuing study of models of air flows, we can ensure the highest level of comfort in the zone of occupation.

➤ Silenced diffusion
Also in the presence of forced operating conditions, our metal air diffusers produce a low noise level around 20 dB and this makes this product the first choice for designers and customers.

➤ No air condensation problem
The micrometric control of the speed of the outgoing air flow ("high induction" effect) around the surface of the perforated duct, avoids the stagnation of the humidity and consequently the formation of condensation.