DHI METAL diffusers


The high induction DHI METAL DIFFUSERS thanks to their induction diffusion, represent an innovative system for air distribution in small or large rooms for all types of use, such as ventilation, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration.

This type of diffusion, produced by calibrated drilling realized with technology ONELASER, it allows to trigger the movement of large air quantities, prevents layering and ensuring a high environmental comfort to persons present in the civil and industrial rooms.

The different configurations of the shape of our high induction DHI METAL DIFFUSERS (circular, semicircular, rectangular and quarter-circle) and to the different materials used (galvanized steel, pre-painted steel, painted steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper) products ONEAIR are extremely flexible and effective and can meet any system requirement.






Prepainted steel

Inox AISI 430/304/316

Painted steel*

*All the colors in RAL scale


➤ Air quality
We have significant experience on the different air distribution systems and thanks to the use of various materials together with the continuous study of airflow patterns, we can ensure the highest level of comfort in the occupied area.

➤ Noiseless diffusion
The metal diffusers generate a very low sound level, around 20 dB, even in heavy operating conditions. For this reason the product can be considered as first choice for architects and clients.

➤ No condensation problem
The speed micrometric control of the outlet airflow (effect "high induction") around the entire surface of the channel avoids humidity stagnation and condensation.